Legislative Council


Government and Government Departments


Legal Resources : Hong Kong


Legal Resources : Other

Australasian Legal Information Institute

Canadian Legal Information Institute

England & Wales
Court judgments (England and Wales)
House of Lords (Judgments)
British and Irish Legal Information Institute

European Court of Justice


Dispute Resolution : Hong Kong

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (East Asia Branch)
Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators
Hong Kong International Arbitration Center
Hong Kong Mediation Council


Dispute Resolution : International

Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
International Chamber of Commerce


Organisations : Professional Bodies/Learned Societies


General Interest : Chambers of Commerce

American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce


General Interest : Others

Business Environment Council
Hong Kong Centre for Innovation
Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation
Movement for Innovation (M4I)
Provisional Construction Co-ordination Board