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2021 in Construction Law – the year in review

Latest paper

James Howells QC, Atkin Chambers

Triple Point Technology, inc v. PTT Public Company Ltd [2021] UKSC29 -- An End For Liquidated Damages?

Latest news

Society of Construction Arbitrators: The Norman Royce Prize

The Society of Construction Arbitrators Norman Royce Prize of £4,000 is a biannual prize. It is awarded to the author of the best paper on a topic relevant to or touching on domestic or international construction disputes, including, but not limited to, their resolution and avoidance; and the lessons to be learnt from them.


Since its foundation in 2001, the Society of Construction Law Hong Kong (SCLHK) has worked to promote for the public benefit education, study and research in the field of construction law and related subjects (including ADR, arbitration and adjudication).

SCLHK is affiliated with and shares similar objects with the UK-based Society of Construction Law (SCLUK), established in 1983.

The Society of Construction Law Hong Kong now has about 250 members from all sectors of the construction industry.

The Society holds frequent meetings and other events.

The Society welcomes new members. Read more about benefits, and apply online.

Speaker Opportunities 

If you wish to offer to speak at future SCLHK events, please contact us at

The SCL Delay and Disruption Protocol

This Protocol has been prepared by SCLUK as an aid to managing and assessing delay and disruption in construction projects. Visit SCL UK for more details