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  Joining SCLHK  


The basic annual subscription fee for members is HK$800, payable in March each year. There is also an additional initial joining fee of HK$500, payable once only at the time of application for membership.

Currently the cost of regular evening events for members is HK$100 and for non-members/guests the cost of attending regular events is HK$200. Members are also entitled to discounted rates for various other events organised or supported by the Society.


As an alternative to the basic annual subscription of HK$800, members may opt for an all-inclusive annual fee of HK$1,250 (plus where applicable the additional initial joining fee of HK$500). This includes entry to all regular evening events at no additional cost. The Society on average has around 8-10 regular evening events per year, including the annual Christmas cocktails event. The all-inclusive fee does not include entry to any one or two day Conference events, special events or to any events organised by bodies other than SCLHK.


To maintain membership whilst overseas, members may pay an annual membership fee of just HK$400. New overseas membership is also subject to an additional initial joining fee of just HK$200.


Full time students upon production of evidence of their student status with their application/renewal of membership are entitled to a discounted membership of HK$100. The additional initial joining fee for new full time student members is also discounted to just HK$100.


The subscription year for all categories of membership runs from 1 April in any year to 31 March the following year. Your first year's subscription covers the period up to 31 March of the subscription year in which you join the Society.

For applications approved after 1 January in any year, the subscription will be deemed to cover the remainder of that subscription year and the entire following subscription year, i.e. up until 31 March of the following year.


Paid-up members in good standing of any category who later transfer to a different category of membership are not required to pay any further initial joining fees.



As part of your application, you will need to pay the joining fee and first year's subscription in advance. They will both be refunded in full in the unlikely event that your application is rejected.

To apply by post, and pay by cheque, please click the Application Form tab on the left hand side of this page.

Alternatively, you may apply online if you have a paypal account or credit card.


If you have any further questions please email or telephone our administrator.

Administrator: Primrose Law
- Tel + 852 2525 2381
- Email

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